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Therapists in 80302

“I specialize in the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD) in adults and adolescents over 16 years old. As a Yale-trained Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), I am Board Certified and licensed to diagnose, prescribe medication, and provide treatment for ADD/ADHD and the problems that sometimes accompany it (for example, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, etc). I recently moved from Connecticut, where I treated > 1000 people with ADHD in the past 11 years in my private practice.
(203) 318-4446
Boulder, Colorado 80302
“I enjoy helping people identify blocks to successful behavior or patterns that leave them unhappy or dissatisfied, issues they are often unaware of. I am very excited about using psychological tests for these purposes. I emphasize giving individuals direct feedback about the results, rather than only using them like "lab tests" where a report is sent to the referring therapist. I am also a neuropsychologist so I can provide information on whether brain-based problems like ADHD, learning disorders, or mild brain injury are present. I am also interested in helping identify effects of past trauma.
(720) 606-4620
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Anne Reach, Psychologist  in Boulder
“People live the best lives they can without the help of a professional until they find that they have problems that they no longer can or want to deal with on their own. Some are new to therapy, others have had prior experience. What they all have in common is that they struggle with feelings (anxiety, depression, frustration and anger), with relationships, with changes in life and with attaining their goals. I have developed a great respect for people who seek to improve their lives through psychotherapy, a process which can be very challenging and very rewarding.
(303) 732-6237
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Eve Pollak Maisonpierre, Art Therapist  in Boulder
Art Therapist, MA, VMTR
“My work is ideal for people who feel stuck - physically or emotionally blocked - and want to free up their spirit and voice. People who are curious about how to fully claim or more powerfully use their voice. People who use their voice professionally - singers, actors, public speakers, broadcasters, teachers, trainers, therapists and coaches. I specialize in trauma and helping people to reclaim their body and voice. My MA in Vocal Performance, deep study of body-centered therapies, and personal journey beyond trauma make me uniquely qualified to this meaningful work.
(303) 963-9453
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Karen Wilding, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Boulder
Verified by Psychology Today
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“My approach is direct, supportive and caring. I believe that effective psychotherapy is based upon mutual curiosity and genuineness in discovering how to meet life’s challenges - including family issues, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. The path through these difficulties includes facing them with humor, gentleness and bravery. The fruition of this exploration is a greater awareness of self and an appreciation of others.
(303) 502-5808
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Kris Isaacs, Counselor  in Boulder
“I have over 10 years experience working with adolescents and adults focusing on substance abuse/addictions, life transitions & life skills, ADD/ADHD and focusing on the affects of internet/technology and gaming issues. My focus is also on supporting mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, low motivation/self-esteem. I support individuals in working through their roadblocks, helping to establish a true sense of self, connection within relationships and ones community.
(303) 586-3466
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Sara Cohen, Counselor  in Boulder
“I work with issues that come up during life transitions: anxiety, depression, grief, feeling stuck, doubtful, overwhelmed or alone. My training with Emotionally Focused Therapy and Brainspotting has revolutionized my practice and, I hope, your life. My approach is warm, direct and practical. We'll work together to develop a plan and to identify the steps needed to get there. Benefits to you are: feeling effective, respected and challenged to live your potential. Make your life make sense again.
(303) 900-5119
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Brett P. Kennedy, Psy.D. Psychotherapy, Psychologist  in Boulder
“Psychotherapy is a process that allows us to explore how our thoughts, feelings and actions interact and influence one another. Through thoughtful questioning, healthy confrontation, and a lot of laughter (yes, a sense of humor is vital in this process), I will do my best to help you achieve your therapeutic goals. To me, therapy is an evolving, nurturing, and dynamic conversation that offers support and can lead to change and self-improvement. The process may be difficult at times, but ultimately, people walk away with an awareness of options for behaving, feeling, relating, or understanding differently.
(720) 506-2699
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Gillian Isaacs Russell, Registered Psychotherapist  in Boulder
Verified by Psychology Today
Registered Psychotherapist, PhD, NCPsyA
“When stress, anxiety, depression, or crisis override your usual coping skills, it can be hard handling the challenges of life in the 21st century. Talking to someone in a safe environment can help to heal and empower you no matter what challenges you face. My approach focuses on listening sensitively so that we can understand what underlying patterns prevent you from fully loving and living. We work together from the foundation of a secure therapeutic relationship to find meaning and make sense of your experience. My specialized clinical training can help you find your own inner resources, insight and skills to move forward.
(605) 269-0719
Boulder, Colorado 80302
“I am a psychiatrist with 40+ years of clinical psychiatric experience, combining an enduring interest biodynamic psychotherapist with experience in psychopharmacology. I have enjoyed treating in psychotherapy teenagers and college students, married and single people, and clients with bipolar and depressive disorders, eating disorders and relationship and attachment problems.i
(303) 536-3390
Boulder, Colorado 80302
María Elena García,   in Boulder
“I founded my practice on the belief that human beings are resilient. I am a transpersonal psychotherapist who views psychology holistically. In other words, I recognize how issues that arise can be a call for personal reflection and growth instead of just a diagnosis. My desire is to help people connect with their inner wisdom and strength to realize their potential to heal and overcome personal challenges. My mission is help you see the wisdom that you possess and help you cultivate that which you desire, so that you can be your best self. Please see my site: for more info.
(720) 336-4208
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Angela Bigford, Counselor  in Boulder
“As a Somatic Counselor, I work from an understanding of how our thoughts and emotions are necessarily intertwined with our body - internally with brain wiring and externally through behaviors that communicate when words do not. My focus is challenging emotional states and helping adults, children, partners, and families resolve what the resulting behaviors may be trying to communicate. Specifically, I work with anxiety, panic, anger, depression, ptsd, low self-esteem, unforgiveness, fear of death/abandonment, and grief. Together we choose methods that feel like a fit to meet your circumstance. Ultimately, the goal is empowerment.
(303) 589-3376
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Joan Munson  in Boulder
“I specialize in helping adults struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and coping. I also work with parents who are struggling with their children, developmental issues, and teaching parenting skills.
(720) 924-4058
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Sara Gael, Counselor  in Boulder
“Are you looking for a more spiritual, holistic approach to counseling? The roots of the term psychotherapy come from the latin psyche (soul) and therapy (care of). The care and feeding of the soul has been largely forgotten in our modern society, including therapy. We see the results of this forgetting in our individual lives, our relationships, and in a planet in crisis. Symptoms of anxiety, depression, and distress are the voice of a hungry soul, longing to be fed. Transpersonal therapy honors your journey as an ensouled being with a unique purpose which, when connected with, feeds the world.
(575) 519-1155
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Jo Graybill, Psychiatric Nurse  in Boulder
“I am currently accepting new patients into my practice and look forward to speaking with you soon! I welcome the opportunity to discuss creative strategies for engaging with life challenges and strongly encourage individuals to be involved in therapy. I am mindful of both the risks and benefits inherent in the practice of the art and science of psychopharmacology. Through supporting a wholistic approach to the management of situational or biologically based problems, I believe that healthy solutions can be found. I recognize that the process can be intimidating but it is just as frequently full of joy and discovery.
(720) 523-0264
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Mya Bethune, Psychologist  in Boulder
“Are you struggling with life circumstances or do you feel stuck in patterns of behavior that inhibit you from reaching your goals? Over the past ten years, I have had the privilege of assisting individuals face and overcome the obstacles interfering with growth and reaching their potential. My approach to therapy is straightforward and based on building on your strengths as a support with which to overcome challenges rather than focusing on “problems.” Therapy is aimed at assisting you reach your goals and time is spent developing the necessary skills to cultivate confidence and self acceptance.
(303) 578-2904
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Elizabeth A Olson, Psychologist  in Boulder
“Are you struggling to cope with overwhelming feelings and stressors? Is your sadness or anxiety interfering with your relationships, your career, your parenting, and/or your self-esteem? My approach offers you new opportunities to develop more constructive changes in your life so that you can feel happier and more comfortable with yourself. I offer individual and group treatment approaches that are practical, skill-based, and character changing. Through talking and implementing behavioral changes, we can collaborate together to work through habitual patterns and assist you to make more conscious and beneficial choices in all areas of your life.
(303) 647-4518
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Sarah Holt, Counselor  in Boulder
“My goal is to help clients find meaning and purpose amidst the challenges and struggles that life can present. We will work together to identify and reduce symptoms, combat isolation and loneliness, process loss and grief, change behaviors, and find freedom from pain and suffering. I have had varied experience providing psychotherapy, ranging from working with people struggling with life adjustments to those working through more pervasive and enduring challenges. My focus is on real results that lead to an increased life quality.
(720) 606-5950
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Matthew Holloran, Counselor  in Boulder
“Life is full of ups and downs and neither need be feared. Despite our best efforts, we cannot avoid suffering. Successful therapy can help us learn to understand our lives and make the changes we see as affirming and which increase happiness. My clients often are seeking relief from anxiety and stress, or working with specific challenges, including substance abuse, relationship challenges, career difficulties and life transitions. I work with individuals who are seeking to develop greater spiritual awareness and more joy in life. If you are looking change careers or want to find meaning in life, I can help.
(720) 506-3673
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Collegiate Coaching Services, Treatment Facility  in Boulder
“Collegiate Coaching Services, is a supervised independent living young adult program for those 18-30+. It is a clinically sophisticated, personalized service, tailored to meet the developmental, recovery, emotional, and academic needs of young adults who live in or around Boulder, CO. Parents often reach out for our expertise, intervention, and support when their child is struggling with mental health concerns, addictions/recovery, independent living, and academic challenges. Our typical client desires academic success, employment, improved practical skills, a sense of community, and emotional health. We understand our young clients are often ambivalent about making the necessary changes to be healthy and our strength-based approach facilitates the important changes. Our team of therapeutic coaches, parent coaches, and therapists develop and provide an individualized program based on the teen & young adults needs and wants, as well as their parents. We provide academic support to our clients who attend the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU-Boulder), Naropa University, and Front Range Community College.
(303) 647-4367
Boulder, Colorado 80302
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