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Therapists in North Oakland - Oakland, CA 94618

"Therapy can help you overcome difficulties, live creatively, and feel more alive. Many people become stuck in ways of thinking and living that no longer serve them. Through a caring therapeutic relationship, you can develop the courage to live in a meaningful and fulfilling way. Over the past 17 years, I have helped people with a wide variety of issues work through significant challenges, freeing them to make better choices. In addition to my clinical work, I teach and supervise at various training programs throughout the Bay Area, and am the Director of Counseling at California College of the Arts."
Oakland, California 94618
(510) 470-7909
"You may be struggling with one or more of the following: depression, anxiety, stress, physical pain, communication issues, school issues, insomnia, grief for loss of any species. I want to understand your experience in the present moment, since that's the best place to solve problems. Together we discover and utilize your strengths by integrating them with the powerful and effective methods I have acquired over years of learning and practice. Focusing in this way can provide you with tools that will always be available for bringing calm, comfort, satisfaction and happiness to your life."
Oakland, California 94618
(510) 394-1907
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Did something unexpected or tragic happen that has impacted you or a loved one? My work is about meeting people where they are and working with constellations that best serve the concern at hand. Whether that is individually, dyadic (parent(s) and child, couples), or family. My clinical conceptualization is rooted in a deep understanding of trauma and attachment, knowing that early exposure to adverse experiences has short and long term impacts. My background has been working with children and parents who have experienced interpersonal (domestic violence, physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, etc) and community violence/ trauma."
Oakland, California 94618
(415) 528-3181
""In every person there lies buried deep in the heart a desire for a certain sort of life: a life that is free and unencumbered, a life that is full of beauty, joy and fulfillment" (A H Almaas). Psychotherapy can offer a path to healing where you can get back in touch with your true nature and experience this as inherently healthy and whole, a source of compassion and intuitive wisdom."
Oakland, California 94618
(510) 962-8279
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CAADAC
"I am a licensed clinical social worker and certified substance abuse counselor who has worked in the field for the past 15 years. My hope is to use my experiences and skills to help individuals struggling with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD or substance abuse issues find new coping skills in order improve the quality of their lives. My approach combines elements of short-term behavioral therapies (DBT and CBT) with psychodynamic techniques to address problematic behaviors to achieve lasting change."
Oakland, California 94618
(510) 296-6270
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MA, MFTI
"I form an alliance with each individual client to help them with their obstacles and achieve their goals. We may use a variety of modalities, often transferring from one to another depending on the needs of the client in the moment, working with the client as a whole integrated person. These may include various therapies. We may use the arts*, including visual art, movement, sound, journaling, sand tray or drama expressively, in order to foster release, self-understanding and insight, and then discuss what has come up, it's meaning in your life, how to proceed. *No creative ability necessary."
Oakland, California 94618
(510) 250-3980
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT
"Thank you for your interest in my practice. If you're reading this, I assume that you're looking for relief. Generally, people come to therapy when they've exhausted all of their resources and find that they're still struggling. Your struggles may be taking many different forms -- problems in relationships, low motivation, excessive drinking or drug use, irritability, excessive worry, overeating, overworking, etc. However your problems manifest themselves, therapy can offer you a place to understand and organize them in a way that makes them feel much less overwhelming."
Oakland, California 94618
(415) 799-9945
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
"Are you feeling stuck in your life, your relationships or your job, or going through challenging life transitions? I strongly believe that we all have tremendous capacity for change, growth and healing. Drawing upon my professional training in body-oriented psychotherapy and decades of meditation practice, I can assist you in quieting your mind and taping into your own truth, strengths and wisdom within. Psychotherapy that integrates body, mind and spirit can help you move beyond the problems to release the creative energy, optimism and hope necessary to lead you to a more authentic and fulfilling life."
Oakland, California 94618
(510) 858-0979
"I enjoy being a psychotherapist because it provides me the opportunity to help people resolve the issues that are causing them distress. I work with adults, children, and families, and understand that each person is a unique individual with his or her unique life circumstances, history, and social and cultural context. A goal of our work together will be to help you identify and understand the conflicts that may be causing you difficulty, and to help you overcome them. Or perhaps negative thinking patterns cause you to experience sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, fear, or other unwanted emotions."
Oakland, California 94618
(510) 295-5490
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, MA
"I am a licensed psychotherapist providing services for individuals, couples, families and teenagers. My approach is integrative and adaptive to each client's specific needs. I work collaboratively with clients to create a safe place where difficult issues can be explored and processed. My areas of expertise include anxiety, trauma, Attention Deficit Disorder, mood disorders, substance abuse, and eating disorders."
Oakland, California 94618
(415) 902-5578
"Feeling stuck with anxieties, depression or relationships can be so uncomfortable, distracting and even disabling, not to mention making people feel hopeless. If you want to change, I am here to understand and to help. Active techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) including "TEAM" therapy help you transform patterns on a gut level and give you tools to stay well. As an integrative psychiatrist, alongside therapy, I comprehensively assess what may be beneficial for you on a physical and psychological level including diet, healthy behaviors, wellness practices, supplements and medications."
Oakland, California 94618
(415) 969-6240
"I specialize in evidence based treatments for adults with anxiety disorders. This means I use methods that have scientific support for their effectiveness and efficiency. My training and treatment approach is cognitive-behavioral (CBT), and includes recent mindfulness-based adaptations. My style is warm, active, present-oriented, and focused on clear goals. I emphasize a collaborative relationship, and encourage my clients to take a very active role in their treatments."
Oakland, California 94618
(510) 394-1452
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT
"I have worked with adults and teens for over ten years and specialize in helping people live more conscious, meaningful and contented lives. Living in the bay area can be stressful and demanding. Gaining more insight about one's anxiety or dissatisfaction at work; sorting through relational issues such as doubts about the marriage or challenges with a teenager; bringing awareness to coping mechanisms that aren't working anymore (alcohol, eating patterns, internet or shopping compulsion) - these are a few of the ways therapy can help you gain more balance and well-being in your life."
Oakland, California 94618
(510) 775-1606
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"My clients are often sensitive, intelligent, and creative people who face life transitions, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and the challenges of liberating passion and creating meaning in life. Many struggle with the legacy of significant trauma. Through acceptance, loving encouragement, and providing a container for self-exploration, I help clients to find a more encompassing love for self and other, develop strength and firmness of character, and tap into the well of their vitality, creativity, and joy."
Oakland, California 94618
(510) 878-4334
Marriage & Family Therapist, RN, MFT
"Looking for more peace of mind? More joy in your life? I can help. Our culture promotes achievement at 110%. But what price do we pay for all of our accomplishments? Emotional distress is a signal that we need to slow down. And when you slow down, you see what you've missed; and are ready to explore what you want: in relationships, at work, and for the one life you get. Let's work together mindfully, so you can refocus on your true values and take the steps you need to live by them."
Oakland, California 94618
(510) 917-1828
"Starting therapy is not easy, and I hope you'll soon feel comfortable with me because of how I listen and become interested in the details you bring, helping you start to feel safe and at ease. I'll listen to the layers of what you say, and do my best to notice patterns which you may be unaware of. Together we'll think about the present moment of your life, your history, your needs and desires, and what gets in the way of your greater happiness and satisfaction."
Oakland, California 94618
(510) 374-4394
"Choosing a therapist involves mind, heart and spirit as well as commitment, time and money. With over twenty-five years of practice, I know that doing the work of psychotherapy is a unique privilege, so thank you for your interest in my practice."
Oakland, California 94618
(510) 404-8802
"I'm a psychotherapist who helps individuals suffering from substance abuse, obsessions, compulsions, hoarding behaviors, and crisis break free from unhealthy behavioral and thought patterns in order to live a happier and healthier life."
Oakland, California 94618
(410) 220-2190
"Are you struggling with a significant life change? Are you feeling down, anxious or just that something is missing? My clients are women and men who are dealing with the stressors of modern day existence such as life transitions, relationships, work, family and a desire to find more meaning and fun. I have a warm, flexible and empathic style and believe that there is no one style of therapy that fits all. The story of your life is still being written. By collaborating to understand where you are and why, you can move toward a more satisfying future."
Oakland, California 94618
(510) 401-3822
"Starting therapy can feel both exciting and a little scary--it's really important that you find the right fit for you, your teen, your child, or your family. Whether you're struggling with parenting, relationships, depression, anxiety, or family stress, psychotherapy can bring renewed hope and present unexpected solutions. Psychotherapy can also reduce feelings of depression and anxiety so that you can begin to reinvest in all that makes life meaningful again. Through a trusting therapeutic relationship, you may learn a great deal about yourself, allowing you to make changes in your life."
Oakland, California 94618
(510) 771-8011