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Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"Competative rates, convenient location and Saturday appointments! I am a dually-licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in the states of Oregon & Nevada. Over the last decade, I have had the pleasure of serving individuals, couples and families of all ages in their most difficult moments. Feel free to call for a free phone consultation at 503-395-8982. My specialty and greatest passion is working with relationships. My life and training have forged a unique understanding of emotional health and its impact within families."
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 395-8982
"I deeply believe in the human ability to heal the self; that we are stronger than we sometimes think we are and that you would not be reading this if you did not want to live well, empowered, and present with the joy life offers. I am honored to do this work with you. Note: It will be work; sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes joyful, ALWAYS worth it. You can expect the outcomes you experience to be in direct proportion to your willingness to get busy living and to allow your truth, your amazing self forward. YOU are worth it."
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 925-3715
"Based on my strong belief that each of us is unique, I strive to treat each client and family as such. I utilize my knowledge of many counseling techniques and theories in an eclectic approach in counseling. While some clients, I believe traditional talk therapy and a cognitive approach is best; other clients and families I find need a more creative approach. For those clients I employ more creative approaches some of which include: play therapy, art, movement therapies, sand therapy, drumming, and multisensory-based therapies. Individual treatment plans are mutually developed for each client based on their specific needs."
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 360-1587
"I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and work with children, teenagers, adults and families. My specialties include grief and loss after a death, anxiety and depression, dealing with cancer, and general family and life transition. Separate from the counseling relationship, I am also a Divorce and Child Custody Mediator. In this role, I am a neutral professional who assists parties in dispute to conduct a fair negotiation designed to resolve relevant issues that impede the achievement of a settlement agreement."
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 516-0573
"Do you feel stuck in your relationship? Are you replaying old fights? Do you feel like you can never win? As a marriage and family therapist I can help you and your significant other recognize the disconnect and get back on emotional track toward a loving future."
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 822-6175
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LPC, LMFT, NCC
"Issues and populations I work with include: Trauma recovery for survivors or witnesses of crime, domestic violence, childhood abuse, sexual assault, and traumatic death * Depression * Anxiety disorders * Sexual dysfunction (female) * Grief and loss * Women's issues * Assertiveness * Low self-esteem * Divorce and other life transitions * Difficulty with change (relationships, work, parenting, etc) * Meaning, fulfillment, mindfulness. * Clients with non-mainstream family and social arrangements (GLBTQ, BDSM, Poly) and religions (e.g. Wicca) * Kink Aware Professional * Clinical Licensure Supervision for LPC and LMFT candidates in the state of Oregon."
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 444-8827
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CADC, II
"I work with adults, teens, and couples who are struggling to find their clear path through the issues that are blocking them. I help you get "un-stuck" so you can reach your full potential, and connect with the meaning in your life. The foundation of my approach is "relational" - which means I can provide you with guidance, support, and feedback about the current challenges you are experiencing. My mission is to help people holistically, spiritually, creatively, and intuitively find their own ability to heal themselves, believe in themselves, and find their true purpose."
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 836-5209
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Leslie Clements is a licensed clinical social worker, who has been a mental health professional for nearly 10 years. She works from a strengths-based perspective and walks a partnered journey with her clients as they work to achieve their mental health goals. She believes that life presents all people with challenges and at certain times we can all benefit from a therapeutic relationship in our life. With a caring open mind, Leslie works with her clients to undo maladaptive coping patterns and to work towards their own definition of health and happiness."
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 465-5439
"At times life can be difficult. We can encounter obstacles that prevent us from reaching our full potential for living the life we want. Any one of us can use help at times managing the challenges that come our way. It's not easy to ask for help! By seeking out and exploring options, for doing just that, you show the strength and courage needed to make the changes that will help guide you into a more fulfilling and balanced life."
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(971) 264-7585
"If you are feeling that things in your life are not how you want them to be, I can help you create a life that is more comfortable and satisfying. Counseling can provide the time and focus to achieve positive change. Having a trusted and competent helper to support you through the process is a key to using counseling successfully. Together we can work to better understand what isn't working and create solutions that will lead to success, the way you define it. I can help you achieve higher levels of mental health for a variety of problems."
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 328-8715
"CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS Are you concerned about changes in your child's behavior? Perhaps your child's teacher, school counselor, or pediatrician has suggested he or she be seen by a therapist. Maybe you have tried everything and nothing seems to work. I specialize in working with struggling children and teenagers, and the adults in their lives who need support too!"
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 683-7061
"I help people with depression, anxiety, panic, divorce and relationship struggles, as well as many other problems. In addition to adults and couples, I also have more than 18 years of experience treating children and families for behavioral and emotional problems, including ADHD,opposition and school problems.I believe my experience with many ages is an asset for me in understanding clients.I am comfortable seeing people for short or long periods of time, depending on the type of problem and what a client wants.Call Kelley for appointment or insurance questions. Our office is directly across from Easthill Church."
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 492-7470
"I provide compassionate therapy for teens and adults, couples, and families struggling with different mental health and relationship issues. Many of my clients have PTSD including Sex Abuse (or other abuse) as a child or adult, Depression, and Anxiety (with or without panic attacks). Some clients want help with Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, or Drug and Alcohol/addictions. Whether your concerns are chronic or temporary, we will work together to find a solution and help you be more comfortable in life. I am a client-centered therapist which means we will work on the issues you choose, at your pace."
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 360-9403
"Are you, your friends, loved ones, family members, or coworkers "stuck" in patterns that interfere with your life? Do these patterns result in undesirable behaviors, anger, resentment, emotional numbness, anxiety, isolation, depression, sadness, or loneliness? If your answer is yes to all or some of these, I highly recommend you call and schedule an appointment. I would like to assist you and/or other important people in your life to gain insight and skills that can help you move forward toward living a more rewarding life. I am very present in sessions and deeply rewarded by helping you."
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 563-7457
"I use an eclectic approach to therapy, guided by the needs of the client. When trust is established, change happens. I offer both brief therapy or long-term, more in-depth exploration of childhood issues. I provide a supportive environment, which include compassion and a sense of humor. I use self-disclosure as appropriate, sharing my own personal experience. My standard fee is $40 per session and I offer a sliding scale for those in severe financial need. I do not accept insurance at this time. I offer a 30-minute no-cost consultation to determine suitability. I look forward to hearing from you."
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 395-2515
"I offer counseling to individuals and couples who are struggling with issues such as: stress due to life changes, feeling depressed or down, having difficulty making changes—feeling “stuck”, ashamed, frustrated, or angry about not making the changes you would like to make, relationship problems, communication problems, substance use or gambling problems, relationship with another who is using substances or gambling, difficulty after a traumatic experience, difficulty after military service / Veterans’ issues, feeling anxious about making changes, grief & loss, building a meaningful and fulfilling life"
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(971) 264-2493
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MA, QMHP, MFTI
"I welcome all children and adults who are in need of support and compassionate space. In our hectic, crazy lives we often go for days, weeks or months without ever getting to feel like we have the entire focus and attention of another human being who is genuinely curious about our internal experience. As a life-long learner and lover of humanity in all its imperfect beauty, I am authentically interested in hearing about your experiences."
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 444-8790
"A healthy life is full of transformation, change and growth. Sometimes the normal "growing pains" are accompanied by isolation, depression, anxiety and real loss. I welcome people who have the courage to seek another view point, to break the isolation and find the hidden beauty of transformation, amidst the chaos."
Office is near:
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 567-4725
"I focus on helping you develop a friendly, compassionate relationship to yourself as a foundation from which to make the changes you want in your life. Often people experience a particular problem, like finances or relationship problems, and then come down hard on themselves for having the problem - a double whammy. I draw on my 26 years in private practice and post-masters training to help work with you to design a counseling that respects and fits your needs and goals."
Office is near:
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 567-1671
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, ACSW, CPC
"Life not working? Want to make changes? Ready to give therapy a try? Get your life moving. Gain skills you need to be successful. Win clarity, confidence, and courage to beat your issues. Counseling is not as scary as you think! I partner with you to make your counseling experience easy and rewarding. An investment in counseling is investment in a better future. Offerings include problem solving, skill building, gentle yet effective feedback, and professional commitment. Mindfulness practices, soulcollage®, flower essences are used for insight and direction. Affordable rates, packaged deals, complementary session are available to make counseling a reality."
Office is near:
Gresham, Oregon 97030
(503) 489-9728