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"Has relationship stress, work/life imbalance, or grief become overwhelming? I work with driven and intelligent individuals who have great outward success but feel isolated from loved ones and their own emotional selves. To understand how to experience authentic relationships is an "inside out" job! My practice involves guiding you through deep inquiry and psycho-educational work, during which I will help you embrace self-compassion and assist you in discovering and learning how to share your authentic self. Through our work, you will begin to take more personal risks in your emotional life and find deeper satisfaction overall."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 496-7983
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Psychotherapy is a relationship between client and therapist. Healing comes as a result of the work we do together. I create a calm, supportive place where you can feel safe to explore your options and begin to think clearly about your life and your choices."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 452-5058
"You want prompt solutions to today's challenges. Whether you are facing changes in your personal or work life, are dealing with trauma, illness, grief, depression or anxiety, you want support to identify and implement successful strategies to get back on line as soon as possible. I have an active approach and promote between-session homework and bibliotherapy to integrate the gains you are making. I aggressively seek continuing education for myself in support of your current issues and special concerns. My office reflects a sense of warmth comfort and security in order to create a reassuring environment."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(971) 236-5142
"I am a board certified psychiatrist offering psychiatric consultation, psychotherapy and medication management. I specialize in psychodynamic psychotherapy with adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues or problems in school or work. Depending on the individual's needs and preferences, I also incorporate components of cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness. I join with my patients to understand their suffering and together we find solutions for change."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 438-4503
"My intention for you is to gently but dynamically create opportunities for growth and healing through flexible and creative alternatives to break through old patterns. I like to collaborate with motivated clients who are willing to work to change their lives. My goal is to help you discover your own solutions to your problems and concerns in an environment that is welcoming, empathetic and non-judgmental. I do that by carefully attending to your thoughts and feelings. Although I will offer specific "interventions" I believe that change occurs during therapy when there is strong motivation combined with the quality of our connection."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 766-5714
"I have had the privilege of witnessing people undergo the slow, extremely subtle and remarkable journey of healing and self-transformation. This process of psychological growth is astoundingly complex, multilayered, circular and even mysteriously numinous in its unfolding. My philosophy as a therapist is primarily on core transformation rather than merely symptom management and needless to say, I strongly believe in the centrality of the therapeutic relationship as a significant healing agent. Moving towards our wholeness necessitates the courage to first move into the wounded parts that we all have as members of the human species."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 383-9971
"*Available nights and weekends* Sometimes in life we have to face rough situations. Whether it's peer stress, transitions, negative interactions, poor choices, or the growing pains of life. I work with many people who have experienced abuse, neglect, and trauma. Many of these people seek a more positive life and look for growth. Through collaboration I assist individuals, and families in learning how to cope, and grow from pain and suffering. I strive to work with people and their families in facilitating growth towards more positive interactions, and a positive outlook on life."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 877-1263
"Are you experiencing distress due to trauma, relationships, fears, internal conflicts, self esteem, or feeling stuck. Some things are just too difficult to go through or examine alone and having compassionate, open and knowlegeable accompaniment can be the key to understanding and growth. I provide psychodynamic therapy to adults."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 766-4889
"Do you feel anxious too much of the time? Exhausted, disconnected, without purpose or interest? Do you forfeit your own thoughts and feelings in relationship to others? Would you like to deal with difficulties more effectively than the unconscious impulses to comply, defy or flee? Whether it's a distinct problem or a vague discontent that needs resolution, I hold the space to illuminate, guide and empower your progression. This is where talk is strong medicine. Neuroscience reveals that therapy changes brain chemistry & structure. Habitual patterns fall away to a renewed sense of energy, choice and personal authority."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 967-3168
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
"My goal as a therapist and Clinical Supervisor is to increase your zest and vitality for life, to foster your ability to take action (empowerment), as well as to support you in having clarity (a clearer picture of yourself and others). Each of these goals, I believe, lead to an increased sense of self worth. In my time as a therapist, I have found that growth occurs both individually as well as in connection with others and that growth fostering relationships (of all kinds) that are created through mutual empathy and mutual empowerment are a key aspect of all of our lives."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(541) 488-8176
Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC, CACDI
"Focusing on men's issues - Safe, confidential, non-judgmental - Compassionate listening and transformational skill building - Offering freedom from debilitating stress and depression - Twenty years of experience in the High Tech industry before re-tooling as a Licensed Professional Counselor -Trained in EMDR trauma treatment. Having worked for twenty years in High Tech Corporate America, I know first hand the stress that a man can undergo from the pressures to perform at work and the call to be present for family at home."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 567-4730
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, ACSW, LCSW
"I have been in private practice in the Portland area providing mental health services as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over 30 years, with 29 years in private practice. The foundation of my work is outcome-focused brief therapy, borrowing from the communications based family systems approach, as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness practice. This approach is client-centered and empowering, and effective for addressing a number of concerns, including anxiety, depression, as well as marriage and children/family problems."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 476-9097
"Life is a process of adjustment. Many of us find we need some help at some point along the way. You are not alone. There is hope and help. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor trained in marriage and family therapy and I work with children, teens, adults, and couples. I help my clients embrace their potential, find courage to reconcile life's challenges, and connect with others in meaningful ways. My work is based on respect and compassion and I offer a practical, collaborative, strengths-based approach to change tailored to each person's unique needs."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 451-6414
"My approach to treatment includes a combination of both Cognitive-Behavioral and Narrative theories. These two approaches aim to look at how thoughts and ideas influence emotions and effect behaviors and decisions. In addition, this approach attempts to separate the problem from the individual and often uses homework assignments, journaling, and mindfulness exercises as therapeutic interventions. I believe that the counseling experience is a sacred one. You, as the client, have the power to make healthy and helpful choices in your life. It is my role to assist you in this journey."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 536-1103
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
"I am passionate about helping people struggling with issues caused by trauma & abuse. These often times include a loss of safety, confusing emotional experiences, and difficulty creating and maintaining healthy long term relationships."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 975-8073
"If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationships or you feel you are not living the life you were meant to live, I can help you. Perhaps you want to resolve indecision in some area of your life. Or you realize that you need help with anxiety or depression. Some people seek counseling when they have a problem controlling their behavior, such as drinking or arguing. Whatever your reason for wanting to change, please donít wait to get yourself living the life you envision. Many people have experienced the changes you seek and I am looking forward to being a part of your success."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 489-4285
"I help people with relationship problems, depression, anxiety, grief, addictions, spiritual concerns and difficult life transitions. I have experience working with people who have substance use problems connected with depression and anxiety. I am trained in Emotionally-Focused Therapy for Couples, a well-researched and effective approach to couples therapy. Couples learn how to recognize their ineffective patterns, become more connected and work towards breaking the negative cycles. The goal is to learn how to interact more effectively, feel more secure and loving, and deepen the relationship bond."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 452-0240
"Life is CHALLENGING!! It is common to feel stuck struggling with counter-productive behaviors, overwhelm, anxiety or difficult emotional states. I work with people to uncover the root-causes of distress and reconnect with inner resources for healing the past and creating change. Often our most persistent struggles are caused by parts of ourselves that we are not fully aware of. I help you safely access the wisdom of even wounded, scared or angry parts. By compassionately listening, you discover your richest experiences & hopes, greatest passions & gifts. THEN walking away from the habits that don't work and into the life you want becomes possible."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 446-6195
"I am a Board certified psychiatrist with a private practice in SW Portland. I specialize in psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacologic treatments of depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety, and trauma for adult women. I recieved my B.A and M.D. from Columbia University in New York City, and did internship and residency in Psychiatry and Neurology at UT Southwestern. I have been in private practice for the last 10 years, and have a special interest in Jungian psychoanalysis (archetypes, mythic symbols, synchronicity, dreams). Please see my website for more information about my practice and background at"
Portland, Oregon 97219
(972) 893-3218
Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC, CCMHC
"I hold genuine concern for the well-being of others, and I have a great sense of confidence in my ability to help people achieve desired changes. I fully support each client I counsel, providing unconditional respect and honesty. You can expect educated guidance, patience and understanding as you begin the therapy process. From a mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioral framework, I teach techniques that can undue the traps which keep us stuck. I draw on empirically-based treatment modalities, personal creativity, humor and even wilderness experiences. I offer traditional therapy in Multnomah Village and outdoor counseling throughout all of Oregon."
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 476-3039