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Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RMFT
"The divorce rate in Canada is over 40% - IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! Most people simply haven't learned the necessary skills and awareness needed for successful relationships. After all, where do we learn relationships skills? From our parents of course. But most of us don't want relationships like our parents. For many couples, the "divorce solution" inevitably becomes the NEXT BIGGER PROBLEM. Instead of divorcing or enduring an unhappy relationship, do something to make it better. The fact is MOST DIVORCES ARE UNNECESSARY. Good couples counselling and therapy can help turn things around for the better."
Psychologist, PhD, RPsych, RFM, RPCA
"My practice, over the years, has become more and more attuned to problems of conflict and issues of violence. As a trained child psychologist, I have seen first hand the raw damage an emotional injury continues to create. As a clinician, it has not been unusual for me to see the same sorts of trauma: yet locked away in one's memory, living on in current behaviour. This is what conflict can do. The issues just seem to keep on repeating themselves, inevitably with the same unfortunate outcomes. (My role sometimes is the Life Coach who becomes a personal guide.)"
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, MSW, RSW, CSAT
"Addiction impacts individuals and families from all walks of life. My practice is dedicated to helping individuals and their families who are suffering from addiction and to find solutions that will change their lives."
"Change happens when you learn how to do things differently. I am a Registered Psychologist in Calgary and I can help you create lasting change in your life and relationships. I bring with me a variety of tools and skills to help you reach your goals or heal from the past. My approach is tailored to meet your needs and can include cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), hypnosis, positive psychology and solution-focused techniques."
Psychologist, MA, RPsych
""Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein As a psychologist, I tend to work with people to focus them on what they can change and control to get different results with the problems and concerns they are facing. Whether working with couples, families, children, youth, adults, or with depression, anxiety, chronic pain and headaches, health concerns, couples concerns, child behaviour concerns, or more involved mental health concerns, I aim to provide each person I work with the opportunity to learn how to get the different results they are looking for."
"We believe people today are struggling with the effects of living in a fast-paced society that promote a sense of fragmentation and dehumanization. We find ourselves struggling to find balance and interconnectedness. Our lives become further complicated by the barrage of conflicting messages we receive about who we should be and how we should live. Many of us have not been able to find a resting place where we can just be who we are and speak freely. At Sage we welcome you to do just that, for in speaking freely we discover our own beliefs, hopes and truths."
Psychologist, MA, RPsyc(p, DAACS, CCC
"In relationships when great sex (or any intimacy at all) is a distant memory, communication becomes stuck, and a feeling of closeness is longed for again, these become signs that a different approach is needed to end the frustration and renew aliveness. The desire for intimacy, to feel connected, and to matter are key aspects of who we are as human beings."
"Welcome! My goal as a psychologist is to help you uncover your strengths and potential so you are better able to lead a more fulfilled life. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve the challenges you are facing right now. In choosing the most appropriate therapy interventions, we will explore behaviour patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more satisfying and meaningful life. We will then be able to work together to empower you to move in more helpful and growthful directions."
"My work has been to learn and share how to be able to talk confidently to yourself and others in order to have the kind of life and relationship that you really deserve. As a psychologist, I love being able to hep you to discover how you can recognize your strengths, view yourself as a person of worth, and support you in your process of achieving mastery over your mood and stress. I would love to share with you some tools to help you get mastery over your life and have a deep and meaningful relationship"
Psychologist, BEd, MA, RPsych
"I bring my experience as an educator to my work as a therapist. Passionate about seeing people live healthy, productive and meaningful lives, I focus on personal strengths to create a unique program of treatment that meets the needs of the individual. I take an active approach to therapy and provide the tools and resources you need to make transformational changes in your life and relationships that are lasting and bring hope. I specialize in helping couples in crisis as a result of sexual addiction or compulsive sexual behaviours, infidelity, or divorce and specialize in working with partners traumatized by the betrayal of sex addiction."
Psychologist, BA, MSc, RPsych
"I have strong clinical skills and am an active and goal-oriented therapist. I am passionate about my work with individuals who seek new meaning to multiple issues and who need clarity to that which has been overwhelming. You will understand the value between the past and its' impact and relevance to the present. You will be supported to participate in a process that facilitates healing, learn new skills and be empowered to overcome obstacles and replace unhealthy patterns. In our work, you will discover opportunities to appreciate the purpose, lessons and potential gifts out of your challenges."
Psychologist, MEd, MSc, RPsych
"Thank you for viewing my profile. I feel privileged to work with people who are willing to reveal who they really are in order to help themselves grow and change. It is through the process of self-discovery, reflection, and willingness to make changes that we are able to come closer to being our authentic selves. Gaining insight into your situation, learning about yourself and the issue you are facing, and developing new ways of coping with life's challenges are part of that process."
"I believe that all people are capable of positive change, of overcoming challenges, of finding compassion, and of becoming the best that they can be. As a Registered Provisional Psychologist, I work alongside my clients to help them create meaningful and sustainable change in their lives and relationships. I have extensive experience in community and mental health settings and offer therapeutic services in both English and Spanish. I work with individuals, couples, and families to identify their counselling goals and help them achieve those goals in a strengths-based, non-judgmental and empathetic manner."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MEd, RSW, CPT, CPTS
"I am a Certified Play Therapist and Registered Social Worker who offers counselling to children, teens, couples and families who want to live a more satisfying life. I specialize in providing play therapy to children ages 3-12. Deciding to come for counselling may be a hard decision, but it demonstrates a desire for personnel growth. While we work together you will be able to discover your strengths, as well as, gain insight that will enable you to move forward. I provide a safe, supportive and confidential environment for all family members to address difficult issues."
"It is my desire to support others during difficult times in their lives. As a Registered Provisional Psychologist, I work alongside clients to help them create the desired, sustainable change in their lives. I aspire to help individuals reach a state of holistic healing by helping them emotionally, psychologically, cognitively and spiritually. I work with individuals, couples, and families helping them to identify and achieve their goals; creating lasting change."
Psychologist, BSc, MSc, PhD
"I am a Registered Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience working with children and adolescents. I have expertise in the assessment and treatment of a wide variety of issues including attention and behaviour problems, learning problems, anxiety, depression, autism spectrum disorders, and giftedness. I work collaboratively with families, family doctors/paediatricians, and schools to best support the young person. I also work with young adults,either through assessment to assist with planning for further education, or for treatment to address attention/organizational problems, mood and anxiety issues, or adjustment problems."
"I have over thirty-give years of experience as a clinical psychologist. Currently, I am focusing on individual treatment of adults aged sixteen and older. I specialize in the treatment of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and emotional disturbances resulting from illness, injury, life transitions, and crisis. My approach to treatment is relationship-based and holistic. I have experience with many different treatment modalities and I will work with you to find a treatment plan that best fits your needs and preferences."
"Jayson's background in counselling and mental health comes from his experience in community social services, correctional services, community counselling services, and the public healthcare system. He has studied under world-renowned clinicians Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Sue Johnson. His services include counselling, and clinical consultation. His areas of interest include: sexual addiction and misconduct, restorative justice, addiction concerns, couples counselling, anger management, anxiety concerns, depression concerns, stress management, Christian spirituality, and interpersonal conflict resolution. LGBTQ friendly."
"I am a Registered Clinical Psychologist and have extensive experience working with children from preschool age to adolescence. I have expertise in assessment and treatment of a wide range of issues, including learning problems, attention and behavior problems, autism spectrum disorders, giftedness, anxiety, depression, and coping with a medical condition. I am happy to provide parents with consultation related to common parenting concerns (e.g., sleep difficulties, limit setting). I also work with young adults, most often through assessment to assist with educational planning, or treatment focusing on issues related to anxiety, mood, attention/organization problems, and adjustment problems."
"I help clients with ADHD, anxiety, and addiction concerns regain control over their lives. There is a capable and special person inside each and every one of us; don't let your symptoms stop you from being that person. My therapeutic orientation is mainly Cognitive Behavioural, though I also utilize psychodynamic and family therapy approaches as appropriate. Please see my website for more details and information about any of the above concerns or just send me an email or a phone call with any questions."