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"I draw from a variety of theoretical approaches to counselling/therapy depending upon your needs. It is common for clients to arrive with certain issues identified only to discover that there are other deeper and more fundamental issues which underlie them. I work at a pace which is compatible with your ability and willingness to make and integrate change. I am gentle and encouraging, but firm and forthright. I provide a free, no obligation, in person, initial thirty minute consultation for you to determine whether you want me to assist you. My aim is for you to feel welcome, attended to and comfortably challenged."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, RSW, RCC
"Life is a challenge; and, when events or relationships become conflicted and overwhelming, the solutions may feel out of reach. If you find yourself experiencing conflict from family issues, divorce, aging, or life transitions, I offer coaching, consulting & mediation services with the goal of resolving the issues and moving forward with your life. You are entitled to a better day."
"At different points in our lives, it is natural to experience difficulties and growing pains, and getting professional help in this process can make an important difference. I have worked with clients in a wide range of life situations and problems. People have come to me to: understand themselves better; cope with depression, anxiety or stress; develop better relationship skills; find more enjoyment, satisfaction and meaning; improve their self-esteem; cope with loss and emotional transitions; deal with social and/or cultural alienation; explore and integrate spirituality into their lives. My orientation is rooted in humanistic and integrative psychotherapy."
"I came to beautiful Vancouver Island a decade ago to pursue my Masters degree in Counselling Psychology which is far preferable to shivering in the Alberta cold! It was so beautiful here that I decided to stay and get my Post Masters Certificate in Art Therapy. These qualified me as both a clinical counsellor and an art therapist. It's in Victoria that I also found my amazing husband and raise our two beautiful children. Three years ago, I opened my counselling practice, working with couples, individuals and families."
Counselor, CTA, MTC, RTC
"I run a private practice in Victoria, BC, dedicated to supporting people navigate life challenges and experiences. I truly believe people can grow, reach their full potential, connect and make purposeful positive changes in their lives and relationships. I work with Individuals, Couples and run ongoing Therapy Groups."
"Catherine loves working in her integrated counselling and coaching practice. She has over 20 years of experience working with teens, adults, couples, and families. Here is what a recent client said: "I always leave feeling I am moving forward and on the right track. Catherine helps me see how far I have come and she helps me get to the root of any issue. She is always supportive. I find her to be extremely professional, compassionate and incredibly caring. I find her feedback incredibly enlightening. I walk away feeling inspired and ready for next steps. Thank you again Catherine.""
"I focus on two primary areas of counselling. The first is in womenís issues including eating disorders, spirituality, divorce, life transitions, self-esteem, body image, childhood trauma, parenting, abuse, addictions, anger, depression, grief, and stress. I approach healing from a holistic and woman-centred model. Adjunct approaches could include EMDR and experiential techniques such as art therapy, and movement. I have developed and facilitated many groups covering such topics as body image, spirituality, parenting, self esteem, creativity, and play."
"If you're looking for support that will include and enhance your spiritual life, I'm here for you. I'm a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression, plus I'm a Professional Intuitive serving clients in ten time zones. I've trained with the best, including Dr.Brian Weiss and Dr.Jonni Gray, and helped hundreds to step confidently forward into their greater purpose and I'd love to help you, too. Please consult my website, , to decide whether I'm the right practitioner for you."
Counselor, CD, AdeC, PhD, CCC
"I am invested in providing you an experience designed uniquely for you and allowing us to create a complimentary plan to achieve your desired results. I work with clients from a diverse background of challenges, and have over 10 years of experience in providing education, psychotherapy and counselling to meet the needs of those clients. Highly experienced in PTSD/trauma therapy, military culture, career counselling, GLBT and Men's Issues, I bring my integrated approach of therapy combining individual and group psychotherapy and counselling with education to provide the greatest chance of success."
"Do you want more joy out of life? Would you like to attain a higher quality of life? Congratulations, you have taken a courageous first step towards CHANGE. My approach is simple: create a safe and welcoming environment. Next, take the time to develop a relationship based on honesty, empathy and non-judgement. I will help you create AWARENESS by connecting the dots and untangling the mysteries of life. Together we can heal your hurts, and arm you with insight to the patterns, roadblocks and obstacles that have prevented you from finding the happiness and fulfillment you seek."
"I acknowledge and admire the courage it takes to seek out a counsellor to work through life's challenges. I strive to create a strong, client centered connection, based on openness, honesty, daring and respect. My counselling style is collaborative, and focuses on increasing self-awareness, highlighting personal strengths, honouring one's own insights, and removing the obstacles standing in the way of growth and development. My experience as a counsellor has taught me that in the midst of personal dissatisfaction, individuals often engage in counter-productive, even destructive thoughts and behaviors."
"Hello :) My name is Cherish & I have a great passion in life ... to assist others in finding the freedom to live their lives, their way ... without guilt, shame or fear. I am a psychological therapist, life coach & teacher & I love what I do. My approach is predominantly cognitive in focus, existential in philosophy & intuitive in practise. The environment I aim to create with my clients is casual, yet challenging & stimulating to mind & soul. We will laugh and, possibly, cry together. I work with my client's belief system and move forward from there. It's a mutual endeavour toward freedom."