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""RE-pattern your brain for Success" If you feel defeated by failed attempts to make positive changes in your life, you're probably unaware that self-sabotaging "rules" or "beliefs" deep within your unconscious mind may be keeping you locked into self-defeating behaviour patterns. Don't give up! The techniques I use could be be the solution you seek."
"In my client-centred practice, I help individuals, couples and families develop positive relationships based on attachment theory. I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and certified as an Infant/Child Mental Health Clinician. I work with children and adults who have experienced trauma, neglect or abuse and offer EMDR as an effective treatment option. Relationship patterns, effects of early trauma, the neurobiology of attachment, transitions, self-acceptance, ADHD, weight loss, anxiety and depression form the foundation of my practice, writing, and workshop presentations. Support services to families who care for children with special needs is available."
"Are you feeling stressed, anxious or depressed? Are others in your life concerned about you? Are you facing an unsettling change or feeling stuck? Are you feeling unfulfilled in life? Are you struggling to cope with the loss of someone close to you? I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor in private practice located in the Comox Valley, BC, providing services to all of BC. I provide counseling, therapy & consulting to individuals, couples and small family groups. Please see below for the issues and challenges I work with."
"I like to say that my approach is change oriented & compassion driven. This means that my 19 years of experience qualifies me to provide help with most individual & relationship problems. I start each new client out with an accessment to ensure that I understand and have accounted for all relevant factors. Then we set goals and decide what positive changes you want. Psychotherapy involves more than just talking. Proper assessment, relevant goals, skill building exercises and practical changes all help people gain the most from sessions. A free 30 min consultation also helps you make the right choice before you begin."
"Erin Postle, is an accomplished Psychotherapist, Weight Coach and the creator of The Weight Loss Toolkit. She is devoted to teaching women how to end emotional eating, and create their ideal body, while living the life they deserve. Through her coaching programs, classes and products, Erin shows her clients how to replace their struggle and pre-occupation with weight with more joy, freedom and abundance. Learn more at:"
Psychologist, PhD, R, Psych
"Dr. Kelly McManus has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has been practicing for over 8 years in various mental health settings as a Psychologist and as Registered Clinical Counsellor. Dr. McManus also has a Masters Degree in Education. She works with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families and assists workplaces through executive coaching, consultation, career planning and employee assistance programs. She uses integrative, strengths-focused, evidenced-based therapy. Her education includes theory and practice in the major approaches in Psychology including Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioural, and Narrative. Dr. McManus tailors her approach to your particular needs, goals, and preferences. Dr. McManus also takes ICBC clients."
"As social beings, we have an innate need to develop a secure connection with at least one significant person in our lives. I practice an attachment-based and emotion-focused approach to working with individuals, couples, and families. My goal is to help create a safe space in which you feel supported to explore the issues that have become problematic for you, to help you identify the choices you have to make personally meaningful change, and to help empower you to use your own wisdom and resources to transform your experience of relationship with yourself and those who are most important to you."
"I work with adult individuals, couples and families and assist workplaces through executive coaching, consultation, career planning and employee assistance programs. My education includes theory and practice in most major approaches in Psychology including Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioural and Humanistic-Existential. I integrate and tailor what is needed for a particular individual and situation. I have worked extensively in the arts and media on performance, creativity and anxiety. With four degrees in Psychology including a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a Certificate in Intercultural Studies, formal education has been invaluable. My best teachers however are my clients and life experience."